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Poussage 2

The RJ Beaumont left and the JV Perrin pushing logs in the chute at the Beaumont dam a few miles from La Tuque in 1990. Normally the boats worked on opposite sides of the river, and only on rare occasions were we pushing on the same side when the wind was not strong... The Perrin and Beaumont (hull 1173 and 1174) worked together from 1958 to 1998 at the Beaumont dam. They were twins....but when placed face to face, The Beaumont was always able to push the Perrin back (what a shame for the operator). That was the type of contest we had to do to once in a while settle the argument when one operator was saying "my boat is stronger than yours". With the wide piece of wood in front of the boat, it was easy to do those contests without taking any risk. I worked 5 summers on the Beaumont, to me it was the most manoeuvrable of all the boats on the St-Maurice, once in a while I was "parking" it on reverse along the boom between the Perrin and the big tank silver tank (behind and to the right of the Perrin), just like a car, backing up in the tight space.

The RJ Beaumont (left) and the JV Perrin.

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